About us

We would like to introduce you our company, which is one of the pioneer in the field of water treatment technologies. Since the very beginning in 1992 concentrated on the improvement of water quality by means of filtration through different media. A complete range of water treatment equipments has been compiled during the years relating to the varying needs in different areas and for different raw water types. This has resulted in a unique range of water treatment plants for all types of water.

We at are fully aware of our responsibility in the knowledge that millions of people are consuming potable water on a daily basis that has been treated by our products. Therefore our demands regarding quality most of all are even more critical than customers specification. Nothing is more important to us than optimal water treatment. For any type of raw water we can offer the right products. Sometimes it is necessary to design a filter with a combination of products where each of them is doing different job. Our service includes all necessary assistance in order to come to the most perfect water treatment plants for any specific water or related industry where pure water required.

Our greatest assets are our customers & knowledge that resulted in our established nation-wide image and reputation. We have supplied our products to small, medium and especially large scale plants all over the Pakistan for purification of potable water, industrial water, sewage and waste water as well as for swimming-pool water and for other special applications. Upon request we will send you a list with the most impressive reference on whatever field you might be interested.

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