Water Chillers

Electronic Metering & dosing pumps

  • For Chlorine dosing

  • Chemical dosing

  • Liquid dosing

  • Mineral dosing etc

  • Pulse Stroke bracket assembly for highly accurate / consistent dosing performance.

  • Advanced control options for simplified system integration (pulse multiply / divide, on/off)

  • 5-level speed control option to reduce system shock and extend the life of the pump

  • External packing for flow proportional applications



State of the art Chemical Metering & dosing Pumps

Chemical Metering Pumps have been an industry standard for over 20 years. Complete chemically resistant housing for protection in the harshest environments available for all applications and budgets:

Unit is designed for easy integration into chemical feed systems. The stroke rate can controlled manually or by an external signal generated by a flow meter, controller, transmitter, PLC or other device.

Dual manual control of stroke speed and length and variable speed versions are available for simple manual or on/off control.